Studentský login Office 365 pro studenty UK PedF

PedF UK Student Office 365 login

  • First year students have always access to the login at the beginning of the academic year, always on the October 1st of that particular year.

Fill into the university ID your 6-8-digit student number (the number you use for log in into SIS). If you do not remember the number, you can find it under the photograph on your

University ID:

Přihlašovací údaje do Office 365 a stav Vašeho konta:

University ID:
First and last Name:
First and last Name (= student faculty e-mail):
Account status:
Last changed:

Office 365 Login:

You need your user ID to successfully login to the Office 365 account. Your user ID is also your student faculty e-mail.

Account status legend:

A – Active account = Full access to Office 365.
N – Inactive account = Restricted and limited access, e.g. reading files opened in MS Office and cloud apps and services. Cloud data remain intact. This status is automatically generated during study deferral or cancelation/ending of the studies. This status is then active for 6 months from the last update. After this period the status automatically changes to the Z status. Z.
Z – Cancelled account = No service available due to inactivity for more than 6 months from the last update. After this period your cloud data will be deleted (= thus switching to the S status). If you will manage however to start or renew your studies during this status, your data will be re-uploaded and the status will change to A.
S – Deleted account = No access to any services. Your account including personal data was deleted, because your account has remained cancelled for more than 6 months.

Last update:

Date from which the last change of status was issued (e.g. Due to the ending of deferral of studies).


Time of last synchronisation.

Student number has not been found:

If such error occurs Číslo studenta nebylo nalezeno (in Czech), please check if your student ID number has been input correctly and if you also have your private e-mail address paired in the SIS (see the guide here). Synchronisation happens every day overnight, meaning if you have set up your private e-mail address to your SIS today, you will have to wait until tomorrow for that to take an effect.

Office 365 And the faculty e-mail is available to all PedF CUNI students with the exception of CŽV (lifelong learning program) students. If you are indeed a CŽV student you will receive the error message of “Číslo studenta nebylo nalezeno”, because student IDs are not issued for this type of study majors.

Shall you encounter any other problems, please do not hesitate to contact us via